About Us

Lockeroom was founded to bring the hidden tips and tricks elite athletes get access to in the lockerooms, to the everyday athlete. 
Founded by an ex-Wallabies player turned sports physio, Cameron Lillicrap, Lockeroom products were created to be used by experts on professional athletes. They are made to relieve concerns quickly and get people (and yes, that includes you) back to their peak condition.

Cam’s experience as a Rugby skills coach and team physiotherapist for the Queensland Reds and Wallabies means he had an inside look into the behind the scenes of player recovery. He saw firsthand what it took to get athletes fit to play after an injury, and what products would help them get there.

He wanted to open up the world of professional sport recovery to everyday athletes and so, Lockeroom was created.

Each of our products were designed to give you expert physio care and advice, wherever you are.

Our ultimate goal is to help you get the most out of yourself.

Our range of performance and recovery products are designed to help keep active people active and to drive performance improvement. Whether you are an elite athlete looking to improve by an extra 1% or you are going for your first run in 5 years, you will benefit from the Lockeroom tools and our expert advice.

It’s time to get fit to play.